This controls the models available to Generic (as in non-tileset specific) door models.

Note that doortypes.2da is a more tileset specific.

2da Columns

ColumnExample ContentsValid ValuesDescription and Notes

Human readable label. The label must be a continuous line of text - e.g. BrokenTable - unless bracketed by quotation marks - e.g. "Table, Broken".

Sadly this is not used by the toolset.


Seems to be unused by the toolset and can be left blank - if not then edit this line.
ModelNameT_Door03Resref of MDL fileModel to use for this door

0 - Does not block Line of Sight when closed

1 - Does block Line of Sight when closed

Affects LOS - if you can see through it (eg; a lightning force field) use 0.

Notably if 1 then it will stop the map being explored automatically if closed. If 0 the map gets explored past it even if closed.


0 - Model is invisible (use for empty doors)

1 - Model is loaded

Probably you want a 1 here, the game already has 2 generic empty ones to use.

SoundAppType11Line reference to placeableobjsnds.2da2da line reference for sounds to load when opening and closing, being hit etc. similar to placeables.2da
Name63750TLK referenceRequired to load in the toolset properly. This is the name shown in the door appearance drop down menu. If not present won't be loaded. If an invalid TLK reference it loads with "Bad Strref"
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