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Basic test phase, aims:

  • Combine the best set of source files, avoiding DDS if at all possible. A "beta toolset" was released by Bioware which contains a lot of source TGA files at full quality, meaning less artefacts and colour issues. This led to 29487 texture files in TGA format. Size: 3.17 GB (3,406,970,903 bytes)
    • The combination check of what files were good to use from beta/TGA/DDS sources is here: comparing_folders.xlsx
    • The DDS only files probably need a double check if we can find any other sources for them
    • DDS files converted to TGA during this stage using nwn crunch EE
      • We could probably convert everything to PNG at this stage before moving on tbh but left as base TGA as much as possible for easier later fixes (eg; if we HAVE to leave a file as TGA might as well have it handy to test with)
  • Upscale using Cupscale with a manual install of Python and pytorch for a valid version for my newer GPU. The model installed was 4xESRGAN from this wiki page.
    • Settings used: Nothing too special. Batch job (took all night and then some on a 3080!) Enable Transparency was ON, destination file was same as source (different folder) and same file type (thus all TGA)
    • Generated size: 62.7 GB (67,348,759,822 bytes)
  • Convert to DDS using default nwn crunch settings
    • Amount of files: 27769
    • Generated size: 19.1 GB (20,608,407,720 bytes)

NWN Crunch does create some odd results and these need investigating. Notably Cupscale can output DDS files directly - possibly worth a shot in a small test (see what it generates!)

Testing and some good results:

  • Some models and larger textures look just plain better
  • Icons for items, effects, spells etc. look wonderful on higher GUI scales
  • VFX seem to work fine mostly
  • Limited crashes

Testing some notable issues:

IssueExample ImageFix
Crash on entering temple in chapter 1 modulen/aNot sure - need to figure out what file is causing this (by say removing half the override folder at a time)
GUI texture silliness

Some are red (not loaded?)

Some mess up with colours.

Probably going to either ignore these entirely (most likely option!) or leave as TGA or not downscale to match original or something.

Small portraits in GUI are red

Others are fine so just this one is odd OR crunch has messed it up since it detects some things with portraits suffixes:

Processing: in\po_plc_x54_m.tga
Type: Metallicness
Processing: in\po_plc_x54_s.tga
Type: Specular
Processing: in\po_plc_x54_t.tga
Type: Diffuse (No Suffix)
Processing: in\po_plc_x55_m.tga
Type: Metallicness
Processing: in\po_plc_x55_s.tga
Type: Specular
Processing: in\po_plc_x55_t.tga
Type: Diffuse (No Suffix)
Metal weirdness on some textures like Grimgaw

Likely nwncrunch related but it might also be the upscaling going barmy.
Larger lensflares I think

Remove lensflares might be a good idea (or leave alone)...but downsample to original is probably best.
Animated water issues

Possibly a limit in file size here, so it assumes 256x256 or something - symphony knows more
Texture tiling

Frankly this might just be how base game does it too (ie the model is wrong) but need to probably get the tiling textures marked in Cupscale which has a very useful option for it.
Magic missiles look off

May be they use the literal texture size - downsample the upscaled ones to something better perhaps (only double size maybe).
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