A spell in NWN, in essence, is a way to fire a script in-game that applies some effects.

Spell Types

"Spells" can be a variety of types. This outlines the main differences of how each spells.2da line type can be used. The main difference between them is the UserType column. This dictates a lot engine stuff.

For instance if you want an NPC only spell it would be recommended to just not add it to any class, and have it as UserType 1 to allow ResistSpell, GetSpellSaveDC, etc. to work correctly.

For info on Saving Throws (especially vs. Spells) see: Saving Throws

Spell TypeExamplespells.2da User Type columnUsual AvailabilityAttack of OpportunityConcentration Checks (if UseConcentration is 1)Spell FailureCounterspellableSpellcraft to IdentifyResistSpellGetCasterLevel Level calculationApplied Effect GetEffectCasterLevelSpell Save DC calculationCounts as Spell for SAVING_THROW_TYPE_SPELLS?Notes
Standard SpellMagic Missile1

Spell book

YesYesYesYesYes (unless AltMessage)Works as intended

Class level of spell caster

Class level of spell caster

10 + Spell level + Casting ability modifier + spell focus feats

YesLearned from a spellbook by a PC, or on a creatures blueprint memorised spell list
Standard Spell (Item)Magic Missile (3)1Cast From ScrollYes (item use)NoYesYesYes (unless AltMessage)Works as intendedItem Properties determine this

Buggy: Previous level of spell caster if any, or as cheat-cast (10-17)

See bug report here.

10 + Innate spell level + 3Yes

Setup in item properties

Note the InnateLvl is ignored by the game in iprp_spells.2da

Standard Spell (Spell Ability on Monster only)

Magic Missile

Aura of Hellfire

Evil Blight

Greater Bulls Strength

1Monster spellYesYesYes but no armor check (since not assign to a specific class)No (acts like cheat-spell)Yes (unless AltMessage)Works as intended1-15 from toolset. Hardcoded limit as per notes below.1-15 from toolset. Hardcoded limit as per notes below.10 + Innate spell level + Charisma modifierYes

Setup on the monsters blueprints. This can include spells not available to an usual class. See example column for some names. These may be leftover spells deemed by Bioware to powerful, or for Boss Monsters.

Special Abilities or Monster Abilities

Domination Gaze

Illithid Mind Blast


Monster ability tab


NoNoNoNoNoFails and always returns -1Shouldn't be used (but might be tied to HD? needs testing)Shouldn't be used (but might be tied to HD? needs testing)Shouldn't be used (but needs testing)Yes

This can be a monster-only ability (a Gaze, Aura or other thing)

99% of the time this uses supernatural or extraordinary effects and no uses of ResistSpell so caster level doesn't matter

Class Feat Spell

Divine Protection (Cleric Domain Feat)

Greater Ruin

1, 2, 3 (usually just 2 - eg; Greater Ruin or 3, eg: Blackguard Inflict Critical Wounds)

Feat assignment to a classNo


Testing Harper Feats does have concentration checks occur, while Epic spells have it set to 0 so won't for them.

A bug: if UseConcentration is 0, Entangle still forced a concentration check.


Seems to always fail returning 0

Class level of the class using the feat but needs testing to be sure (in the case of multiclass for instance).

Note that ActionUseFeat() will bug out this number, resulting in 0 for some reason.

NB: GetLastSpellCastClass returns 255 for feat-spells

Buggy: As cheat cast, so 10-17...however...

As some actual feats (eg; Blackguards Bulls Strength) are set to no Innate level it applies those at caster level 509

See bug report here.

10 + class level tied to feat + primary ability modifier (eg; Arcane Archer Imbue Arrow is 10 + Arcane Archer levels + Dexterity Modifier)

Needs further testing however.

Yes if 1 or 2 (Spell/Monster ability) else not for 3

This is when a feat.2da line link to a spells.2da line using the SPELLID column and given during a class level up.

Note if two classes use the same feat ID not entirely sure what is used for the caster level.

The UserType column doesn't seem to affect much of the ResistSpell or other functions.

Race Feat Spellna3Feat assignment as a raceNoNoNoNoNoUnknown: likely as class featUnknown - probably something whacky. Maybe hit dice. Needs testing.

Unknown - needs testing.

Likely however buggy. See bug report here.

Unknown - needs testing.NoFeats given solely on level 1 at racial creation time. Not sure the numbers returned for it, needs testing.
Item-only spellRod of Wonder4Assigned Item PropertiesYes (item use)NoNoNoNoFails and always returns -1

Item Properties determine this

If not used on an item property it likely will bug out - see shifter polymorph abilities such as Illithid Mind Blast.

Buggy: Previous level of spell caster if any, or as cheat-cast (10-17)

See bug report here.

10 + Innate spell level + 3No

These are item-only as in "Use Item", "Rod of Wonder" etc.

Noted here even if very similar to usual standard spells because they can't be countered

Note the InnateLvl is ignored by the game in iprp_spells.2da

Cheat-cast only spell or DM cast spell

Goblin Ballista Fireball

Basically cheat-casting anything with ActionCastSpell bCheat parameter

4Scripting only

Yes (if UserType is 1)

No (if UserType isn't 1)

Yes (if UserType is 1)

No (if UserType isn't 1)

Yes but no armor check (if spell)

No (if UserType isn't 1)

NoNot sureAs above depending on UserType. 1 works, 2 or 4 will fail, 3 will only use spell resistance

Always minimum of 10, or (2 * Innate spell level) - 1

(so 10 for 1-5, then level 6 is 11, 7 is 13, 8 is 15 and 9 is 17).

If Innate is blank this goes barmy.

As left.10 + Innate spell level + 3

Yes if User Type is 1 or 2 (normal spell/spell ability).

No otherwise.

Referenced here since several spells are completely unobtainable except by using ActionCastSpell with the bCheat flag

This can also cast all of the above, but defaults the caster level and spell save DC to specific values as shown.

Monster Spells Caster Level Limit

There is a caster limit of 15 in the game - this is seemingly hardcoded and unable to be set higher - if set via. a GFF edit of a creatures UTC file the game still loads it at a maximum of 15.

This limit apparently is to do with network packet usage (ie; packets saying "I want to initiate a spellcasting action") bundle in this caster level as 4 bits which is 16 possible values (0 - 15).

Spontaneously Cast Spells

Spells can be spontaneously cast if marked in spells.2da, there are some limits however:

  • You must have a prepared and readied (uncast) spell slot
  • This spell slot must not be a domain spell (eg; Animal Domain gets Cats Grace at level 2, if all their other level 2spells other than Cats Grace are already cast, you cannot spontaneously cast Cure Moderate Wounds)

The second limitation is rarely seen in gameplay and is, more or less, true to the 3E rules - although really the limitations on spontaneous spells should be more stringent - a separate slot each level only allowing 1 domain spell (which again is exempt from being used as a spontaneously cast slot).


See spells.2da for further info.

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