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The following projects are known to be compatible with Qv4 with only 2da merging required. For a complete list of Community Reserved 2DA lines, see Community 2DA Reserved Ranges. Reviewing this document will help you avoid any major pitfalls when merging content with Qv4, CEP, or other projects.

ProjectAuthorSource URLContactSupported?
Alternate Combat Animations Pack (ACP 4.1)Pstemarie, Ragnarok_Mr4Alternate Combat Animations Pack (ACP v4.1) | The Neverwinter VaultNo
Alternate Combat Animations Pack (ACP 4.0)Ragnarok_Mr4Alternate Combat Animations Pack (ACP v4.0) | The Neverwinter Vaultn/aNo
Beambog's HDD Art Pack - w/ Community FixesBeamdog (NWN Community)Beamdog's HD Art Pack Community Fixes | The Neverwinter VaultYes
Community Expansion Pack v2.x (CEP 2)Proleric The Community Expansion Pack (CEP) v2.x | The Neverwinter VaultProleric Yes
Community Expansion Pack v3.x (CEP 3)The Community Expansion Pack (CEP) v3.x | The Neverwinter VaultWinternite Yes
Community Skybox Pack v2.1 (CSP)Chaos_Theocrat, ChaosQueen_Jessica_6Community Skybox Pack (CSP) v2.1 | The Neverwinter Vaultn/aNo
Community Tileset Project (CTP)CTP TeamCommunity Tileset Project | The Neverwinter VaultBlack Rider (question)No
CTP BabylonCTP TeamCTP Babylon | The Neverwinter VaultBlack Rider (question)No
CTP Generic DoorsCTP TeamCTP Generic Doors | The Neverwinter Vaultn/aNo
Dynamic SkiesBhaal Dynamic Skies | The Neverwinter VaultBhaal Yes
Neverwinter Is ComingLaputian BirdNeverwinter Is Coming (NWiC) | Google DriveNWIC DiscordUnknown
Placeables from the game The Witcher 1ZwerkulesPlaceables from the Game The Witcher 1 | The Neverwinter VaultZwerkulesYes
Skyrim Placeablesdafena no longer available on the Vaultdafena No
Verdant Wilderness Override PackTheCapuletTheCapulet's Verdant Wilderness Override Pack | The Neverwinter VaultYes
Wild Woods (v0.7) & Wild Lands TilesetsSixWild Woods [v0.7] & Wild Lands Tilesets | The Neverwinter Vaultn/aNo

DISCLAIMER: Project Qv4 is developed as a standalone project. I personally do not use any of the projects noted on this page, nor will I troubleshoot any compatibility issues you may encounter. The support I provide only extends to Project Qv4. 

A Quick Word about CEP

CEP is currently being developed by two different authors and has branched into two separate forks: CEP 2 and CEP 3. Qv4 is compatible with both CEP development forks. Note, the CEP 2.x fork is backward compatible with NWN v1.69 (aka Diamond). This backward compatibility should pose no significant issues when merging Qv4 and CEP 2.x 2DA files. 

CAUTION: It should be noted that both CEP 2 and CEP 3 contain numerous pieces of content that was lifted from Project Q v3.1 (with permission). Thus, you will find that some models, when Qv4 and CEP 2DA files are merged, appear more than once in the various appearance drop down menus. Whenever possible, and to minimize models appearing more than once in the menus, I have opted to use those CEP 2DA lines which already house Q content, updating the 2DA lines as necessary. Thus, when merging CEP and Project Q IV 2DA files, use the CEP 2DA files as a base, overwriting with lines from the corresponding Q 2DA files.   

When attaching HAKs to your module, the Qv4 haks should be placed above the CEP haks in the module's custom content hierarchy. Lastly, because of the potential for significant conflicts between content in Qv4 and the various CEP optional haks, it is recommended to only use the core CEP haks.

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