This is a reference for all the patching done on NWN:EE. Patch notes will be copied here for reference.

There are both minor and major patches, as well as usually a incremental set of beta patches available with different versions before a stable is released. These will be noted as "Stable" in the title of the page. Generally stable releases contain all features from the previous versions and is what a player will be using.

The version is generally easiest to find on PC/Max/Linux since it appears in the top bar of the client when not full screen and in the options menu:

Versioning Information

Finally there are compatibilities between major editions on a networking/MP layer which allows different versions to work together. This means anyone on the 8193 line of patches can connect to a 8193 server regardless of their minor version.

The 1.80 refers to toolset compatibility, which can be out of sync of the MP compatibility. A 1.80 module cannot be opened in a 1.79 client.

There are script commands to check what version of a client is being used in a MP server (or even SP module); GetPlayerBuildVersionMajor and GetPlayerBuildVersionMinor.

There are of course some script functions, shaders or 2da changes that a players client may not be able to fully utilise if not at the comparative version, although most script changes are server side. Likewise a players client may render visual effects differently if they're ahead of the server version in use (but the same major version).

The versioning of the game is as below for version 1.80.8193.14 [154b610d] as listed above in the titlebar would be:

EditionToolset VersionMajorMinorBuild ID


Note: the Edition field never changes so is not displayed in the game client titlebar.

Note: Build ID is not as relevant once a stable version of a patch is released.

Rolling Back Versions

You can roll back to previous versions (eg; if the toolset has issues, or otherwise checking when a bug was introduced or behaviour changed) by using Steam's Beta Patches option, or on the Beamdog client downloads.

Note you can also have a copy of multiple versions of the game (note they will tend to reference the same My Documents "Neverwinter Nights" folder!) to do side-by-side work, eg; on a server running an older compatible version versus a later point release for a future change.

Console and Android releases tend to be more slowly updated, if at all, and do not have rollback functionality (Except to not download any patches and using the game offline essentially).

Rolling Back Modules to Earlier Versions

You can find how to do this, for instance if you use Preview or Beta briefly but want to revert to Stable, here: How to Change the Module Version Id

Current Versions

There are several editions of NWN:EE out in the wild so which ones will work with your particular modules / NWN server.

Note that most of the console editions will not allow custom modules to be loaded so the toolset version doesn't particularly matter.

PlatformCurrent Stable VersionDate Updated
Windows, Mac, LinuxSee latest patch notes on the sidebarSee latest patch notes on the sidebar
Switch8193 compatible
Xbox One8193 compatible
Playstation 48193 compatible
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