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In NWN:EE when the toolset opens it generates a "temp0" folder in the modules folder. This can be renamed to be the same as the .mod filename and the toolset will use this to load from instead of unpacking each time.

For instance, create a new module called "my_mod" it generates a new temp0 folder, a my_mod.mod and my_mod.BackupMod file when it is saved.

If you rename the temp0 folder to be exactly "my_mod" and go to Open it again, it will popup with a prompt; "A directory with the same name has been found. Do you want to open this directory as a module?" answer Yes and it doesn't need to unpack the .mod file. This option can be set as the default way to open a module in the Toolset Options.

This can be very helpful for speed, and for the ability to pack the files off to a repository. The toolset will change this folder and when saving the module will take the contents and pack it into the mod file (so you can edit the files outside the toolset, whether in this module named folder or temp0) and it can be used with nasher and other ways to make a module git-able.

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