This section will contain information on the various object types the game uses.

Generally objects will be things like Placeables, Creatures, Triggers and so forth. These are saved as GFF or "Generic File Format".

All objects can be edited outside the toolset; there are conversion or native editing tools for GFF files. GFF files themselves are binary but boil down to a set of tables with fields of different information.

Some example editor tools (more tools here):

  • TLK Edit2 - Java application to edit GFF files in NWN, NWN2 and The WItcher - Useful in a pinch
  • neverwinter.nim - A set of command line tools to convert files to and from JSON - Useful for mass edits
  • Nasher - utilising the nim tools to convert a module to text for source control purposes - highly recommended

Notably the toolset may be limited in what it can do; it may limit what fields are editable. If an externally edited GFF file is loaded in the toolset fields may be reset or error. You've been warned!

See also: Custom Content Tools

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