When you mouse over an object it will "Highlight" it. Pressing tab (by default) will highlight everything visible and usable in the area.

There is some minor edits you can do to this and control it somewhat with both player options and script function SetObjectHiliteColor.

As with everything graphical it is entirely client side and optional. You can disable it entirely in the game options.

Default Information

The default highlight colours the game uses are:

Object NameDefault Highlight Color RGBHuman readable nameNotes
Friend0x4CFF4CGreenFriends (party members) are only green in non-PvP areas. Hardcore mode and PvP all areas can alter this.

These can be set in the options menu by players (for color blindness reasons etc.)

The glow is quite a large and flashing.

Changing the Hilite Color

The main method for builders is to use the script function SetObjectHiliteColor.

This can be used to set a colour ranging from Black (0x000000) to White (0xFFFFFF) using RGB values.

This overrides any player-set values for a particular object.

Modifying the "Glow"

The game uses a hardcoded texture reference to the file fxpa_dot02. This is usually a tga file called fxpa_dot02.tga in the game folders. Adding an identically named file to a hakpack or override can change the behaviour.

Note: there is one default placeable px2_a02.mdl that uses it, a gem-in-hand placeable model, so presumably it won't glow properly if blanked or altered. To fix this replace the texture reference in the model file to something else (maybe even the original file just renamed, eg to fxpa_dot03.tga).

More Note: fxpa_dot02 is also used by progFX type 3 to produce alternate glow colors. See ProgFX.2da.

Some examples of changes are:

ChangeMethodExample Picture
OriginalNo changes for comparison

Glow softenReplace the texture fxpa_dot02 with fxpa_dot01

Glow RemovalBlank out the texture file to be entirely black

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