Neverblender adds a menu entry at File » Import » Aurora (*.mdl). The imported model will be added to the currently active scene. NeverBlender only loads mdl files in ASCII format. Binary MDL files have to be converted to ASCII MDL first. This can be automated by having NeverBlender call an external MDL (de)compiler - the compiler can be selected in the Add-On preferences.

Import options can be saved to operator presets which persist across sessions. Clicking on the + button will add a new preset with the current options, whereas the - button will delete the currently selected preset.

Multiple MDLs may be selected by holding SHIFT. They will be placed in a spiral pattern or in a line to prevent overlapping - this setting can be changed in the Add-On preferences

Import Options

Miscellaneous Settings

Import Walkmesh

Import placeables walkmeshes (*.pwk files) and door walkmeshes (*.dwk files). The import script will search the directory for files with the same name as the mdl file. If both types of walkmesh are present, both will be imported.

Import Smooth Groups

This options will import smooth groups (shading groups) by converting them to sharp edges. They will appear as cyan edges in the imported model and can be converted back to smooth groups during export.

Import Normals

Import normals from the mdl as a set of Custom Split Normals. Tangent import is currently not supported, they will be (re)created during export using the normals and the uvmap

Material Settings

Import Materials

Controls whether to import materials or textures at all.


Specify which shader to use when import NWNs materials. The only options are:

Auto Merge Materials

Materials with the same textures and parameters (ambient, diffuse, specular and alpha) will be merged into a single blender material. If this option is disabled every mesh will get its own material even if they have the same values, which may result in a large number of duplicate textures.

Image Search

Search for images/textures in all sub-directories. This allows for better organization of textures, but depending on the number of files and directories this may be slow.

Animation Settings

Import Animations

Controls whether to import animations at all.

Insert Rest Pose

Insert a keyframe with the rest pose before each animation.

Scene Framerate

Set the framerate of the currently active scene to a custom value before importing. This is only relevant for animations, as they need to be converted to Blender frames. This conversion uses the scene's framerate and depending on this setting the animation speed in Blender will vary.

Care must be taken if animated objects are already present in the scene.

Blender Settings

Rotation Mode 

Determines the format the rotation parameters are imported as:

Fix Degeneratd UVs 

Fixes degenerated uv-faces, i.e. faces with two or more tverts having the same coordinated. Such faces will be given a default uv-face of (0.0, 0.0), (0.0, 1.0), (1.0, 0.0). Degenerated faces may cause error when Normal Mapping is enabled, especially on pre EE models.

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