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The mobile versions of NWN:EE contain much of the same content modding wise. The main differences are:

  • Texture format (although it will convert over DDS and TGA) has been optimised for the platform on Android and iOS
  • Out of sync with newest PC patches - usually a bit behind. See Patches NWN:EE
  • Slightly different UI - there is additional controls on the screen, and typing is of course not as easy
  • Different DLC may be available.

You can also notably add PC content manually to the games folder to have it be recognised, the same folder structure is available (although a little harder to access using iOS compared to Android).

Multiplayer and CD Keys

Want to play on your favourite PW with your PC cd key? This possible to change easily in the advanced App Options. You should also in game set your player name to be identical too.

You can find the CD key of your PC version in the file My Documents\Neverwinter Nights\cdkey.ini - do not share this with anyone else!

To do the opposite (and use the Android CD key on PC if you started on Android) the file is located usually in Android\data\com.beamdog.nwnandroid\files\user\cdkey.ini


To get to it open the App Info panel, either look in Settings and find Neverwinter Nights. Or hold down on the icon and go to "App Info".

Then select In-app notification settings.

Then select CD Key:

Finally type in the CD key found in your cdkey.ini file, it should be in the form of 11111-22222-33333-44444-55555-66666-77777 - and has to be exact.

Once entered it will use this CD key in the game when connecting to servers


Similar setting is found under Settings under NWNEE:

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