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That is to say, content from the original Project Q that is going to be released as part of Q4CEP.

Note, I have tried to avoid content ripped from other games, but given the penchant of the Community for doing so, it is highly possible a limited amount of such content has made its way into this package. Furthermore, I have endeavored to only use content that is listed as "Free & Open" and credit authors.

Anatomy (q4c_anatomy.hak)

Colored Eyes, Lips, and EyebrowsDeathfaceoverrides vanilla and CEP content (PLT textures)

Creatures (q4c_creatures.hak)

Q Bugbears ExtendedPstemarie, Garmroverrides vanilla and CEP content
Q Beholders & BeholderkinPstemarie, Morikahn, Six, Mecheonoverrides vanilla and CEP content
Q DracolichPstemarieoverrides vanilla content (reskin)
Q ElementalsThe Amethyst Dragon, Pstemarieoverrides vanilla content (note, these are additional reskins of the "classic elementals" included in CEP)
Q LichesSixesthrice, Pstemarie, Cervantesoverrides vanilla content
Q MimicPstemarieoverrides vanilla content
Q OtyughsThrikreen, ShadowM (some anims)overrides CEP content
Q RangersPstemarie, Tom_Banjoadded content
Q Skeletal DevourerPstemarieoverrdies vanilla content (reskin)
Q SkeletonsSixesthrice, Cervantes, Pstemarie, Tiberius Morguhn, Zachariah Haleadds content, overrides vanilla content 

Items (q4c_items.hak)

Q Shields (single-part version)Morikahn, Sixesthrice, Pstemarieoverrides vanilla content
Q Torch / LanternSixesthrice

overrides vanilla content

Placeables (q4c_placeables.hak)

Q Placeables UpgradesVariousoverrides vanilla content by Bioware, DLA, and Ossian
Q Tree Foliage UpgradesTom_Banjooverrides vanilla content in TNO tileset as well as tnp_* and dag_* placeables

Sounds (q4c_sounds.hak)


Tilesets (q4c_tilesets.hak)

Q Early WinterPstemariereskin of Bioware Winter Rural tileset.
Q Overcast SkiesMorikahntintable

Visual Effects (qvc_vfx.hak)

Snow Footstep VFX


overrides vanilla content
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