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These sounds are hardcoded in the engine so can be only replaced entirely or silenced (and perhaps an alternative played in it's place).

It's also useful to maybe use some of these - eg the trap set off sound - for some custom cases using PlaySound.

GUI Sounds

These are 2D effects in the 2D/3D Bias option.

Sound Effect File nameUsageDescription and Notes
gui_button.wavButton clickedGUI button clicked (eg: selecting your gender in the character creation)
gui_check.wavCheckbox - like options menu or similar
gui_journaladd.wavNew Journal EntryTriggered by AddJournalQuestEntry when no quest exists yet
gui_levelup.wavLevelup is achievedPlayed when you have a levelup available
gui_magbag_full.wavSomething is put into a magic bag when there is no space
gui_nowalk.wavPathfinding fails going to a selected map point
gui_picklockfail.wavPicking a lock resulting in failure
gui_picklockopen.wavPicking a lock successfully and the lock opensNote a very similar SFX to picklockfail.
gui_prompt.wavPrompt popupEG: entering a password or when adding a chat command to the hotbar and a text box pops up
gui_quest_done.wavJournal entry is marked as completedTriggered by AddJournalQuestEntry when a quest is "done" or "complete" - whether failed or succeeded
gui_quick_add.wavDragging an icon to the quickbar
gui_quick_erase.wavRemoving an icon from the quickbar and I think the spell book
gui_radial_open.wavRight click radial menu opening
gui_radial_slect.wavRight click radial menu selecting an item
gui_scroll.wavScrolling a page
gui_select.wavSelecting something which isn't a button
gui_spell_mem.wavMemorising a spell in the spell book
gui_traparm.wavTrap is armed
gui_trapdisarm.wavTrap is disarmedNo "Failure to disarm" sounds since failing to disarm tends to set it off (if in combat).
gui_trapsetoff.wavTrap is set off

Like a pressure plate being stepped on.

Only for the player who set it off I think? Maybe plays if a henchmen does for the master PC? Not sure. Anyway main trap sounds should be area-wide general ones from the trap scripts.

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