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With the removal of the resource limit in HAK files, some builders may wish to combine several HAK files into one large HAK file. Although relatively straightforward, the process isn’t as intuitive as one might think. Thus, I’ve come up with the following bullet-proof process:Create an empty “dump” folder for your new “mega” HAK.

  1. Open your module in the Toolset, open the “Module Properties” window and go to the “Custom Content” tab.
  2. Write down the HAK list, paying particular attention to the order.
  3. Starting with the BOTTOM HAK file in your list, open it in HakEditor and export ALL the files to the empty dump folder you created.
  4. Repeat Step 4 for each HAK file, working your way UP from the bottom of the list and overwriting any files if prompted. The top hak in your HAK List should be the LAST HAK file you export.
  5. With HAKEditor still open, click “New” to create a new empty HAK file and import ALL the files from your dump folder.
  6. Click save, name the file whatever, and exit when done.

You export files from the bottom HAK up because duplicated files in higher HAK files overwrite duplicate files in lower HAK files. If you exported from the top HAK down, you would have lower duplicate files overwriting higher duplicate files, which would cause errors.

For example, your module uses a tophak that includes a copy of baseitems.2da. Lower down in your module’s HAK list is a weapons HAK that also contains a copy of baseitems.2da which is outdated. If you exported from the tophak first, the newer baseitems.2da would be overwritten when you exported the files from the weapons HAK.

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  1. It has been reported to me that nwhak.exe chokes itself to death if trying to process 999 million KB of files into a HAK.

  2. Further reported that nwhak.exe "...max(es) out at just over 2 billion KB. (He) can't even open the HAK without a "out of memory" then followed by a "abnormal termination" message then it shuts down the HAK.