NWN EE v87.8193-35-40 (Preview)


Follow these steps to install FUBAR:

1) Make sure NWN EE is patched to the latest PREVIEW version.
2) Copy the contents of the archive to their corresponding user folders (/docs and /override)
This MOD also includes a folder named /data with a subfolder named /hk. The id_resources.HAK file inside is ONLY needed if you are playing Infinite Dungeons and replaces the corresponding HAK in your game's installation folder. 

Also, whenever you update the game, the FUBAR version of id_resources.HAK will be reverted back to the original version that shipped with the DLC. 


I do not recommend installing "Beamdog's HD Art Pack" or the "Beamdog's HD Art Pack with Community Fixes". These MODs are best suited for use with a vanilla install of NWN EE. Due to the frequency with which the game loads  and unloads art assets, I have experienced numerous instances of lag and stuttering in areas where a large number of phenotype-based models are present. These MODs also conflict with the iteration of the ACP used in Project FUBAR.

Note that some users have had success getting the HD Pack to work with FUBAR. Try it if you want, but I don't want to hear about it.


For Builders wishing to incorporate FUBAR directly in their module (and have access to the new content), you will need to create a HAK structure for the files that are loaded into the /override folder. Remember that HAKs over 2 GB in size can cause issues - FUBAR will probably require 2-3 HAKs to get all the content from the /override.


If subscribed via the Steam Workshop, simply unsubscribe from the MOD. If you moved the files to your user /override folder, you need to manually delete them from the folder.

If using the manual installation from the Vault or my site, you have to manually uninstall the files from your user /docs and /override folders.


This is an unofficial, fan made modification. No warranty is given nor implied. Use at your own risk. While there is a Google doc in which to report errors, the existence of this doc does NOT mean I will fix them within what others deem a reasonable timeframe. FUBAR is a hobby that I work on in my spare time when I see fit to do so.

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