This section deals with FUBAR (formerly Project Q v4 or Qv4) which is currently under slow development.


The latest version of FUBAR is v1.3 and can be downloaded from Pstemarie's Custom Content and the Project FUBAR | Neverwinter Vault. If you're a particularly brave player, you can also find it on the Steam Workshop.

Bug Reports

Bug reports can be submitted to FUBAR Bugs - Google Sheets.

Just because you submit a bug doesn't mean it will get fixed. FUBAR is a hobby and bug fixes are predicated upon three things: my time, my ability to reproduce the bug, and my ability to fix it. Furthermore, just because you don't agree with some feature that has been incorporated into FUBAR doesn't make it a bug - e.g. I gave the Warlock class access to a familiar because in SP, low-level Warlocks get whacked pretty easily. So, if you don't like some aspect of FUBAR, just don't use it.

The FUBAR Team

THERE IS NO TEAM, just me, Pstemarie, and I'm not really looking for assistants. The Discord Community is very good at helping me out when I need it. Since FUBAR is primarily for my own use, and use by those insane enough to try one of my modules (assuming I ever finish one), working alone allows me to concentrate on the content I want to include at my own pace.

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