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Quick documentation page on the effects and how they affect different body parts (arms, legs, mouth, etc.) and the GetCommandable state of a creature.

Description of Types of Disabling

Still allows commands

This is akin to GetCommandable() - if they are still able to issue commands while under this effect.

This is important since even if the creature has still spell it might not let them actually add the spellcasting action.

The second column "SetCommandable allowed" refers to if you are able, in a script, to add an action to the creatures queue by first of all using SetCommandable.

Still usable legs

This stops movement - eg; Entangle will apply an effect that stops the legs moving.

This seems to set Dexterity to 3 as if flat footed/immobile, causes them to not be able to move, but still allows them to fight (cast spells, use ranged and melee weapons or items).

Still usable arms

This needs testing but should stop spells with somatic components from being used, and Metamagic: Still could bypass it. In practice most effects with it don't allow you to be commanded in the first place nullifying that option entirely; thus somatic only really affects arcane spell casting chance (and by extension Deafness since it uses arcane spell failure of 20%).

Still usable mouth

This stops spellcasting with verbal components except when you have applied the Metamagic: Silent feat, or got Automatic Silent feat.

Disabling Types Table

Effect TypeStill allows commands?SetCommandable allowed?Still usable legs?Still usable arms?Still usable mouth?Notes
SilenceYesn/aYesYesNoOnly stops verbal spells; so Metamagic: Silent still works.
EntangleYesn/aNoYesYesNote has a special DC 15 concentration check on any spell cast
Defensive StanceYesn/aNoYesYesWhile it can't use legs (move) under defensive stance it doesn't get the same usual penalties for it (ie; 3 dexertity).
Cutscene ImmobilizeYesn/aNoYesYesSimilar to Entangle but no DC 15 concentration check, but note it does set the dex to 3 still as per "not being able to move"
StunNoYesNoYesYesSince you cannot add actions to your queue even, you cannot cast somatic-free spells (which you might be able to under usual D&D stun)
KnockdownNoYesYesYesYesObviously no spells or actions can be performed, the benefit to not having the other 3 states altered is presumably to not inflict undue penalties (some code checks for legs/arms)
Paralysis / Cutscene ParalysisNoYesNoNoNoA full whack of "can't use things" which means ActionCastSpell will fail even if the SetCommandable(TRUE) state is applied.
PetrifyNoYesNoNoNoSame as Paralysis essentially
SleepNoYesNoNoNoSame as Paralysis essentially
DazeYesn/aSpecialSpecialSpecialSpecial means you can move around at walking speed, many actions can be done but ActionAttack, ActionCastSpell and ActionUseFeat fail. See further notes here.
Confusion / Frightened / TurnedNoYes (Special)NoNoNoThese run a statescript, by default the effect causes SetCommandable(FALSE) and the script will set it to TRUE, add an action, then set it to FALSE again. This state is reset when the effect duration runs out or it's removed.

Cheat Casting Spells Instantly

With SetCommandable you can bypass some of the limitations of the above effects, eg; to do spell triggers.

This will not work with:

  • Paralysis / Cutscene Paralysis (weird state with these)
  • Petrify (as Paralysis)
  • Silence (if the spell has verbal components)
  • Daze (has special "do not add actions to queue" code)
  • No labels