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Common Error Messages and how to troubleshoot them


Your player name has been refused by server

courtesy of FinalStand here

This is a well known Beamdog bug that still occurs.

You attempt to login to your favourite Multiplayer Persistent World on the NWServer List and you get this message.

If you try to login to other servers you will receive the same response.

This is NOT a problem with the host server itself or it's module.  This is a known Beamdog bug that you need to fix on your local PC for the time being.

The solution is the check nwplayer.ini for Player Name = <some name>.  If it's there, change it.  If it's not there then add it.  It should be able to work after that.

This may have been moved to settings.tml or will be in the future.


List Inded out of bounds or Access violation...00000000

This error message is caused by a problem tile in a tileset.

If the problem tile is already placed in an area you are opening then only the second message will occur.  If the area opens and the tile is not yet placed then it may allow you to select it from the palette to attempt to place it but both modal message above will appear.

The toolset will be crashed at this point.  You must End Task to kill the process and restart the toolset and module.  It will give a you warning that it failed to close and will request if you want to restore from the backup.  You will most likely want to say yes to this message or you risk losing the backup permanently the files for this are usually in your temp0 folder in your C:/Documents/<Your user Name>/Neverwinter Nights/modules/ folder .

This error message comes up when one of four occurrences happen:

  1. The name of your model in your tileset's .set is incorrect.  Either the model isn't loaded in your hak or you've made a typo typically.  Check your spelling and make you've loaded the model.  Perhaps you made an update and forgot to adjust in the .set file.
  2. The walkmesh of your tile is beyond the bounds of a 10x10 tile.  Check back on your wok part on your tile and check all the edges and vertices of your tile and make you are in in the limit.
  3. You have more than 10,000 faces in a model.  This can cause many different errors including this one.  Find ways to reduce the number of faces such as using a modifier such as Decimate, dissolving unnecessary smoothing vertices, splitting it up in multiple parts, or simply remake it from scratch using simpler meshes.
  4. ""the AABB part of the mdl file is screwed up and doesn't have the correct number of 'entrypoint' lines in the AABB list.".  This last one comes courtesy of Merricksdad and may be specific to nwmax "The thing I mentioned with the walkmesh is usually in too-complex meshes when a part of the code loop in nwmax fails to split, it didn't error catch, and just gave up instead".
  5. Untested: Could this also happen if the AABB lines in the mdl file don't match the wok file?
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