CEP 3.04 is currently in development and has not been released yet.

Expected release will be around the time that NWN:EE patch 35 goes live.


  • wbwxh_t_011 and wbwxl_t_011 fixed nodes thanks to Pstemarie.
  • cep3_reforge.hak - complete fixes by Pstemarie for naming conventions to prevent errors.
  • Griffon Flags 1-3 were fixed, an old unseen issue since CEP 2.65.
  • Placeables.2da changes (dupes of Griffon Flags fixed)
  • The Lich King Armor made by Stonehammer has gone through the clean models software, and also prepped for fancy maps (but not enabled in CEP 3)
  • cep3_tiles.hak had a weird desert tile set bug, that has since then been fixed. for 3.04
  • racialtypes.2da was pointing to a wrong 2da file rac_feat_aas.2da to the right now race_feat_aas.2da

New content:

Main Feature:

The following new damage types has been added, this is also for resistances and immunity types, you can look at the .2da for reference when scripting.

  • Blood
  • Chaos
  • Force
  • Necrotic
  • Radiant
  • Shadow
  • Wind

Reference .2da can be found in the cep3_2das.hak and the .2da file itself is called iprp_damagetype.2da you can also look at the sheet below.


  • Stonehammer's Faerun Guards (CCC September 2022)
  • Shemsu-Heru's Thibbledorf Pwent


  • Miqail's pillar replacements has been incorporated into cep3_facelifts.hak
  • Txpple's Target Dummy override has been incorporated into cep3_facelifts.hak
  • Minas Tirith Throne (labelled: Chair: Throne Minas Tirith)


  • New torch model override

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