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Small project by Jasperre.


Upscale as many textures in the game from the best sources possible by x4 using basic tools I can cope with. Why? both to improve the look of NWN to a degree and to test the limitations of NWN's engine with higher quality DDS files.


NWN Crunch EE for DDS → TGA and TGA → DDS conversions.

Upscale using Cupscale with a manual install of Python and pytorch for a valid version for my newer GPU. The model installed was 4xESRGAN from this wiki page.

Test Phase 1

See subpage.

Aims: Simple batch massive boatload of textures, see what breaks!

Test Phase 2


  • Fixing issues in previous test (crashes, buggy textures)
  • Work out why nwn crunch doesn't convert everything anyway
  • Categorise files and remove some from the process that don't need it / bug out
  • Get tiled textures separated so the option in Cupscale can be used

New things:

  • Desharpen filter from loinne
  • PLT testing
    • Need to write some python to have GIMP convert PLT's to PNG's with transparency then back from upscaled PNG files to a single PLT
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