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Patch Version1.81.8193.16
Patch release date (PC)2020-09-16
Patch release date (Others)
Patch release notes


Hotfix for 1.81.8193.15.

Differences between the 2das in this version and the last real stable 8193.13 are available here:

  • Updated: ambientmusic.2da, ambientsound.2da, appearance.2da, doortypes.2da, genericdoors.2da, loadscreens.2da, placeables.2da, portraits.2da, ruleset.2da, skyboxes.2da, soundset.2da, tailmodel.2da, visuaaleffects.2da
  • New: dag01_edge.2da, progfx.2da, tcm02_edge.2da, trm02_edge.2da, trs02_edge.2da, ttf02_edge.2da, tts02_edge.2da, weathertypes.2da

Patch Notes


This is a hotfix patch to 8193.15, which we released yesterday.

The changes in this patch are clientside only. You do not need to upgrade your dedicated server if it is already on .15 for full feature support.


  • Fixed the game not starting when a language override was selected
  • The music tracks added in the DOD/TOTM content release now show up properly in the toolset (instead of "Bad Strref")
  • The game no longer tries to read the N: drive when trying to load a non-existent supermodel
  • nwscript.nss: Fixed error in description of StringToObject

Known Issues

This is a (incomplete) list of known issues on this build. Items on this list do not need to be reported!

  • Ability score bonuses from levelstat (class progression) do not contribute toward feat requirements when the score increase is received on the same levelup.
  • Non-functional anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering settings have been removed pending a potential future reimplementation. We suggest you use the driver control panel to force it meanwhile, if so desired.
  • UI: Nuklear-based UI (NWSync, Configuration) does not observe ui scaling
  • UI: Nuklear-based UI (NWSync, Configuration) is not skinned as beautiful as can be
  • UI: Nuklear-based UI (NWSync, Configuration) does not close with the Esc key
  • UI: Nuklear-based UI (NWSync, Configuration) is only partially translated or labels are less descriptive than they could be
  • Water renderer does not use the area environment map, resulting in unseemly seams
  • VM: DestroyArea() sometimes erroneously removes the wrong minimap data on clients, resulting in black/unexplored areas.
  • Hosting a module from within the DM client does not update/show the creator palettes correctly
  • Items dropped on the ground appear to be floating slightly. This is a clientside rendering issue and does not require server/module adjustments by you!
  • Items dropped on tables fall through (mesh hit check). This is also clientside only and does not require you to fix things in the module/in scripting!
  • There is a memleak on the main menu. It does not manifest in game.
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