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Planned organisation of wiki spaces and their intended usage.

As you can see, for now, custom content and other engine details are interlinked and mixed in the same spaces. We can split it up later on if it gets too much, but for now, this will do.

Engine Internals

A technical wiki containing all engine-related things, aggregated in a document format (not tutorial style). Something you can use to look up stuff quickly if you know what you are looking for. Knowledge should range from mundane to highly obscure and cover everything there is to know.


  • File format specifications
  • Rendering engine details
  • Scheduler/pathfinding details
  • How combat rounds in the engine work


A space containing tutorials.


  • How to host a server
  • How to mod a placeable


This will eventually be a better nwnlexicon. For now, it remains empty until a good way forward can be found.

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